I am a health coach focusing on living a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Aging

Enjoying every stage of life with healthiness and improved well being.

Healthy Eating

Your eating habit and the food that you eat is equally important as exercise and activity to remain health at any stage.

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About Me

I am a Health Coach primarily aiming at working with Seniors. My primary focus is on Mindset to enable successful change to take place, Nutrition, the building blocks for nutritional food and recipes along with food preparation and shopping tips. I accomplish this by teaching about eating organic foods as well as the Dirty Dozen and the Super Foods necessary for letting food be thy medicine and Exercise program that puts everything into motion. I do this by designing an easy to follow program that is intended to reduce sugar and pre-packaged processed food that actually makes your body crave and dependent on them. The food manufacturers got it right by making food accessible and convenient.  But my program will teach you to make your own food that is as delicious and easy as it is convenient. It reduces your cravings for sugar and the inflammation in your body. Chronic  Inflammation is the root cause of all conditions and diseases in our body.  Sugar, preservatives and pesticides found in most of the food we eat causes the chronic inflammation.  Our body is actually attacking itself to rid us of these harmful additives. I also teach about Yoga, Tai Chi and Meditation. I believe the best exercise program is the one you will do! My primary focus is on living a healthy lifestyle not a cumbersome, strict diet program.  Since many people are under their Medical Doctors care, my goal is to help you implement those changes and those dietary restrictions.  So I am not steering you away but working along side you on a regular basis.  Many people become overwhelmed or lost after their doctor puts them on a new medical regimen.   My program helps you achieve your goals in a more seamless fashion than one can alone.  In many cases people find when implementing the right Nutrition and Exercise in their lifestyle they find they don’t even need their prescriptions anymore.  How much is that worth to you? While I can’t promise you will be rid of your medication, I can tell you many people have reduced or even eliminated prescriptions from their bodies without the dangerous dependency and side effects often associated with prescription medications.  Your body was absolutely designed to heal itself! My program was designed precisely with that in mind!


– Master Health Coach

Living A Better You starts you right where you are, no experience required! I come along side with you and Motivate, Educate, Empower and Guide you through the maze of good Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle in a Simple, Effective and Fun, yes FUN way!

Living A Better You helps people make positive habit changes looking at your physical, mental and spiritual being.

Living A Better You is a Fitness and Health Coach, Passionate about health, nutrition and happiness. Whether it be food preparation, healthy recipe makeovers, workout idea or health in news; Living A Better You is a here to help you become 1% better then yesterday. Please get in touch to learn about workshops for your active adult senior center, corporate wellness coaching or workout exercise.  .I am a Certified Personal Trainer from National Academy of Sports Medicine, a Certified Health Coach from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and a Master Health Coach from Christi Cass Master Health Coaching Academy. 

Workouts and Programs

Each week we will cover a new and interesting topic to help improve your clarity, mindset and attitude from what you previously believed about Health and Wellness. This allows you time to practice and implement your new lifestyle!

My Premium health coaching programs includes : 

  • Sixteen (50) minute group coach sessions
  • Informative handouts, detailing nutrition, lifestyle and self care recommendations
  • Email support commutation between sessions
  • Easy to follow and Simple to make healthy meals with recipes for all skill levels in the kitchen
  • Invitation to live events
  • Complimentary downloadable handouts 
This is intended as a Group Program, however, in addition to everything, you may want a more personalized attention. You can opt for my Super Premium Platinum Program. We will have Two 50 minute sessions per month just you and I (1:1 personalized coaching sessions) to insure you get the most from this program
  • Set and accomplish health and lifestyle goals
  • Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Understand and reduce cravings
  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Reduce chances of developing many cancers, diseases and conditions while reducing dangerous medication side effects
  • Create a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and FUN

My Premium Program will flow week by week up to 16 week in following manner

  • We will discuss signing on to our Facebook Community that is informative, active and engaging to keep you focused and motivated
  • We learn how to sustaining forward progress with morning rituals and consistent habits to begin your day
  • Changing our Mindset with Seven(7) Whys
  • Replacing previous destructive or damaging habits with more productive, positive ones
  • Allowing new habits to take root for a New & Improved you!
  • Meal Planning, Food Preparation and making success convenient
  • Shopping, reading food labels
  • Simple and sample recipes that taste as good as they are for you!
  • What’s Your Hurry? Enjoy and Savor your meals
  • Grazing vs Fasting? Which is Better? Can I do both?
  • Food Staples: Vegetables, Berries, Seafood, Eggs and Seeds/Nuts: Protein, Fats and Phytonutrients
  • Should I buy Organic? Dirty Dozen, Frozen vs Fresh
  • The 16 Superfoods you really should be eating regularly
  • Super Spices and their ratings
  • Do you need Supplements? I don’t know, do you?
  • Nutrition is 80% of the Equation to Healthy Lifestyle, Losing Weight and Proper Feeding of Our Vital Organs
  • The most serious diseases are well within your ability to control
  • Dementia, Parkinsons, Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Autoimmune Diseases can all be reduced or decreased
  • The Absolute BEST Exercise for you! Yes, Virginia, there really is one!
  • Stretching and Foam Rolling (SMR)
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Why you need Strength Training/Resistance as part of your Lifestyle
  • Would you rather spend 30 Minutes Working Out or 90 Minutes?
  • High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT), What’s Tabata with you?
  • I’m going to be a Product of my own Teaching
  • Here is the Basis for Every Workout Plan: Upper Body, Lower Body and Core
  • What if you Don’t Have a Gym of Fancy Equipment?
  • Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Zumba
  • Deep Breathing Exercises (5-5-7; 4-7-8)
  • The Benefits of Deep Breathing
  • Journaling
  • Mindfulness and Prayer
  • The importance of sleep
  • Snooze Foods to help us sleep
  • Tracking Your Sleep Because if you are going to be successful in anything, you need Metrics
  • Exercise
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine! Go ahead, make me laugh, Clown!
  • Pills vs Skills
  • Questions to ask your Health Professional
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
  • Nutrition, Exercise, Breathing
  • Just One More Thing…

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Get in Touch

For queries and booking of my session you can contact directly on the following contact info.


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